P   A   N   T   0   h   e   a   l   t   h

To the point solution for PdM 4.0

Real time condition monitoring and analitical simulation to achive #predective maintenance 4.0

Video is recorded by DB Systemtechnik GmbH in 2006

Simulate it, to know what would happen if…

PANTOsim (Pantograph simulation) is our analytical simulation software which simulates the interaction of pantograph and catenary. This software has a unique feature to simulate the effect of tension loss or broked dropper in the interaction of pantograph and catenary. 


facts & figures

one train in 20 trains

In Europe, each year 5% of the running train fleet is affected by major faults on the overhead contact line

5,000 ore 150,000 km?

Collector strips of pantograph can work 5,000-150,000 km, depends on the quality of catenary lines.

4,000,000,000 $

The annual worldwide maintenance cost of pantograph and catenary is more than $4Billion.

PdM 4.0

How can predictive maintenance 4.0 help in cost reduction?

Our patent

Health monitring of joints and suspension system of the pantograph

A mechanical pulse is sent to the pantograph, by a trigger, when the pantograph is rising. The response pulse is measured by accelerometer. Then, the natural frequencies of the pantograph are measured, and any damage in the suspension system and joints of pantograph can be detected.

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Other use cases of the patent

Our patent is a technique for health monitoring of pantograph, while it is rising or sitting down. All other devices which have similar motion could be another use case of our patent.

Electric Highways
Picture by „Siemens Mobility GmbH“.

Road freight transport powered by electricity: Siemens’ eHighway system combines the efficiency of electrified railroads with the flexibility of trucks into an innovative freight traffic solution that is efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly.

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Hybrid city bus

On some lines the buses operate so often that they are more like trams. These high-frequency lines go to key destinations in Eindhoven, such as Eindhoven Airport and the High Tech Campus. The buses will have their batteries topped up periodically so as to have sufficient range to be kept in service all day.

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Our Prototype

Pantograph Monitoring Diagnosis System

Tabriz-Jolfa electrified train had a lot of problems with the contact quality of pantograph and catenary system. We installed the prototype of the device on RC4 locomotive and collected much useful information about the pantograph and catenary.

The output of our product

Here is a demo from the output of our product for monitoring the pantograph and catenary. At first, a list of all equipped pantograph for one user is shown. For each pantograph, some recent trip is listed. The user can choose any of them and see the recorded data. Then the user can set some thresholds for Zigzag, level of pantograph or max shock to the head of the pantograph. In a map of the trip, the locations which measured parameter exceeds set threshold is highlighted. The user can load the video related to any location and see how dangerous is the reported situation.

Advisory board

Kai Malkwitz

strategic consulting for organization development, innovation processes and entrepreneurship

Mentor and Climate Impact Director @Founder Institute Berlin
Business Angel Investor, advisory board member
Mentor, Coach and Business Angel for Smart Energy Startups. Investing in seed and pre seed phase

Luis Sperr

Business creator – Investor & Business Angel – Multiplicator – for technology-driven innovations in mobility and sustainability

InnoEnergy Investment Manager / Business Creation Manager
Company NameBusiness Plan Contest Berlin & Brandenburg

Dr Viola Prifti

intellectual property and data ownership rights consultant

Legal academic – Intellectual Property
Postdoctoral researcher – IPACST project
University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Our Team



Panti is our Chief Data Officer,
He helps us to collect data
He is a perfect junior 30 years old data collector!


Operation Director

PhD, Energy system Eng.
Sharif University of Technology
Researcher in Leipzig University


managing Director

PhD, Rolling stock Eng.
Iran University of science and technology
Researcher In TU-Berlin


Technical Director

MSc, Mechanical Eng.
Shahid Beheshti University


IT Director

MSc, Software Engineering
TU Kaiserslautern

Prof. Dr. Ing Markus Hecht


TU Berlin, Fakultät V, Fachgebiet Schienenfahrzeuge/ Fachgebietsleiter

Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Molatefi


IUST, School of Railway Eng.
Rolling stock Eng. Department